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Study Spanish on the beautiful island of Flores.

Dos Mundos Spanish School is located in Flores, Peten, Guatemala:
In the Heart of the Mayan World, just one hour from the Mayan site Tikal.

In addition to receiving Spanish classes from native teachers, students get the opportunity to stay with local host families in Flores, participate in a variety of volunteer programs, and go on guided jungle tours to the famous Mayan sites Tikal and Yaxha, as well as remote Mayan sites where no tourism goes.

The island of Flores is the home to colourful houses, cobblestone streets, and unforgettable sunsets over the perpetually warm lake Peten Itza. Completing a language course at the Dos Mundos Spanish school guarantees a unique experience on the friendly, picturesque island of Flores.

Your tropical dream is waiting to come true!

2 in 1 combination packages

Study Spanish 4 weeks in 2 different Spanish schools:

Package 1: Dos Mundos Spanish School in Flores +
Language School El Estudiante in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Only US$ 1,249 / 4 weeks

Package 2: Dos Mundos Spanish School in Flores +
Spanish School La Antigueña in Antigua Guatemala

From US$ 950 / 4 weeks

Dos Mundos Spanish School | Host family

Stay with a host family

Our carefully selected families will make you feel at home. Host families in Flores, Guatemala are very open, caring and interested in cultural exchange.

Dos Mundos Spanish School | Volunteer work

Volunteer work in Flores, Guatemala

Improve and pr

actise your Spanish with volunteer work while studying Spanish. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer around Flores!

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The Mayan Adventure

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